Lovely to have you here!

Are you, too – as so many other humans on this planet right now – feeling alone, exhausted and as though most of the things you do are to please or serve others (people or systems), leaving you drained, lonely, sad, depressed, ill, hurt or without hope? 

You are not meant to burn yourself out through life, but instead be healthy and flourishing! And by being in your full strength and capacities, you are able to serve your family and community much better. 


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– to book 1:1 mentoring with me in order to create a life that honours and supports you and your body, so you can heal, grow, be the best version of yourself – as a human, friend, partner or/and a parent – shine your brightest light.


Warm welcome! ♥️ You are not alone!

It takes a village

It takes a village to raise a child. This is such a well-known saying, and yet, so many of us find themselves in a life far away from any “village” – a bigger family, family by choice, network of local people close to our heart, or whatever this kind of community may be. 

Villages are needed to give and receive support in practical ways, of course. But they are also needed to pass on wisdom, information, traditions, rituals, stories. They are needed to hold space. To share joy, grief, tasks, experiences, ideas, dreams, plans. They are needed in order to smoothly prepare and guide us into future life events, rather than leaving us completely surprised, unprepared, even shocked and often alone for big – but natural – life events such as the first menstruation, birth, miscarriage, parenting, menopause or death. They are needed for us to feel accepted, held, supported, feel safe and to belong. 

This website and the related projects have been growing out of the great need of re-villaging, and it offers information, inspiration and support for mamas and mamas-to-be (even in the more distant future) in particular, and for all people who wish to co-create a world that is thriving – and all of us in it.  Under the “Get Inspired!” columns you find many articles where I share my (!) current thoughts and experiences and that might serve you and your family. In the bottom of the website you can find blog articles about topics that touch me. Pick what resonates with you, and leave the rest! Here you find details about ways to connect and upcoming events, and here you can sign up for the newsletter. Warm welcome! ♥️

This is a gentle reminder that I am not a medical expert, and all information and thoughts that are shared by me, both on the website, in person, via newsletters or any form of online or offline communication are solely meant to be a source of inspiration. Your choices still remain YOUR choices, always, and they are YOUR respons-ability. If unsure, I suggest that you connect with the wisdom of your soul and body, with the Source or/and a health professional that you trust for guidance and advice.