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Many, many times since becoming a mum, the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” has become very clear and alive to me. A few months before the birth of my second child, while being a single mum, I was blessed to be invited to a homebirth group created by my wonderful doula. Shortly after, a dear friend of mine suggested that we together could start a mum’s group. Both of these women had experienced the enormous benefits of supportive groups when they themselves had had their first children, and they remembered these groups as so very precious. And not long after that, we would meet up in our house every Wednesday, and our group grew not only bigger but mostly deeper. Mums from all over Sweden heard about us and admired us for our little “village” and the huge support that this group gave us. We shared birth stories, tears, joy, breastmilk, sleeping challenges, babywearing tricks, grief over miscarriages, questions, knowledge, kids’ clothing – and fika (Swedish for a tea/coffee break & snacks), of course. 

We eventually moved and had to leave our beloved friends behind, who were there for us litterally until our departure – and far beyond, and who had planted a “village seed” inside me. What an amazing support to have in life. THIS (and more) is what a village can be and do. 

Ever since then, I have been blessed with many, many experiences of “village spirit” in various forms. There have also been moments when I was longing for more village support. And many times when I was inspired to create this for our family or/and others. 

I so much believe that we all feel so much better and that the chances are much higher that we can shine our light and be the best versions of ourselves much more if we have support. And ideally support from several people and people with different qualities, ages, energies and relationships to us. And this is why this website and related projects are born. So that you, too, can enjoy support and inspiration and shine your light. 

Welcome to read on about ideas to re-village!

If you are a mum or a mum-to-be (in the near or maybe still very far future), you are so very welcome to join our UMOJA circles for more togetherness and support in womanhood and mamahood. Read more here

If you are looking for a village or a “nourishing neighbourhood” with other individuals and families who value health, bodily integrity, sovereignty, togetherness, freedom, creativity, responsibility, joy, consciousness and support, join our telegram group for inspiration, connections, information and links!

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