Let’s re-village our lives!

Nourishing Neighbourhood, community, re-villaging

Are you the creator or member of a nourishing neighbourhood* or of any other local community, project or group with room for new members? 

Then read on here!

Those of you who are looking for a community/project/neighbourhood to join, please click HERE!

SO many humans are currently re-thinking their life and wishing to align it more with their needs, visions and values. Living close to and connecting with other people who are creating their lives around freedom, respectful relationships, togetherness, consciousness and all energies of thriving life is becoming important to many of us, which gives us so many possibilities to build this new world together. Let’s assure them that they are not alone and welcome them to discover  – and join – your community!

Whether you have created a beautiful, supportive network in your neighbourhood, have founded a local organisation to support mums, are part of a community garden, have started a local unschooling group, have founded an eco village or whatever it might be, and you have the vision to grow more, we would love to hear from you!

WHY: This online gathering is created to support you to grow your community project. It brings many humans together who have similar visions and values, and your project will reach out to more people.

WHEN: 18th of February at 16.30hrs CET

HOW: Online, via Zoom. Each community/project gets 5 to 10 minutes to talk, and afterwards you can directly use the chat in order to share contact details, answer questions from other participants etc. In addition, we will prepare an online brochure that will be available to all participants afterwards and which gives an overview as well as pictures and contact details to every neighbourhood/project/community.

WHO: Everyone who wants to live in an environment and relationships that are aligned with thriving life such as real health and true healing, freedom, bodily integrity, our soil, waters, air, energy, all other living beings around us, natural cycles, reciprocity, respect, empathy and togetherness.

INVESTMENT: Totally unplanned, this event will be offered for free! Yay!! I am simply having some unexpected technical issues, and as a not-very-technical single mum of little kids in the midst of planning this event (which takes dozens, if not hundreds of hours), I am simply not capable of figuring this out. However, I would greatly appreciate a donation, if you feel that you want to contribute and value this work. 

REGISTRATION: Please fill in the form below and make sure to add info@ittakesavillage.se to your contacts. You should hear from me (Rebecca) within a few days the latest. I will then e-mail you to let you know which information I need from you about your project in form of text and pictures for the brochure, and I will explain about the online gathering so we prepare together.

I am super excited to hear from you – let’s connect and create a beautiful, new world by surrounding us with nourishing environments, humans and energy. Together! ♥️


* I birthed the expression of “nourishing neighbourhoods” because I realised that the word “community” brings an immediate feeling of overwhelm to many people – you can read more here


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