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I used to share the thought that we can devide life into various, independent sections: work/job, health, leisure time, family, mindset, spirituality etc. However, by now, I feel that everything is deeply connected, at least for me. And I WANT it to be connected, because this is what makes me authentic, and this is the foundation for me and my family to thrive. If I spend my days with work that I love, that fulfills me and where I can share my unique gifts with the world, it is also affects the patience and mood that I bring into the togetherness with my family and community. If I feel nourished, well rested and supported, I will feel more joy, energy and motivation to support my family, clients and community. If I can let go of believes that limit or no longer serve me, if I can express my boundaries, if I am treating myself with compassion and loving care and if I am filling myself with gratitude and nourishing thoughts, it is much easier to create and attract abundance, support, health and peace. If my family and community sees that I am thriving, I can be a great inspiration for them. If I am choosing local, organic, non-processed foods, I can improve my health and at the same time the health of my family, of the farmers, of our soil, the animals, the water and air. And the list goes on. 

So in this part of the website, you will find plenty of thoughts around these – many and beautiful – topics. 

It takes a village

“I expand in abundance, love and success every day,
as I inspire those around me to do the same”.

Gay Hendricks

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