The amazing Mary Om Rose is putting the current common birth reality into a powerful performance:

Believing in, listening to and trusting our bodies is so essential to a good birth experience – yet so very rare in our modern Western world. In general, we tend to believe more in doctors or other “experts”. Which are people who might have a degree and many of them have for sure great knowledge and skills. But what they mostly don’t know at all is YOU. Often, they have never met you before and only spent a few minutes (sometimes not even that) with you before starting their examinations or treatments on you. And we so often accept this role, and thereby turn into objects/victims. We have completely forgotten that WE are the expert on OUR bodies (and minds and souls), and that WE are the ones who have the right to decide over our bodies. Also, in regards to birth in particular, we are expected to give birth in a place for ill people (hospitals) even though most of us are healthy humans. Plus, I experience that many mums-to-be have very little knowledge about the (natural) birthing process, little connection to themselves and low trust in their own bodies, and they then believe that they will go to hospital with all the “experts” who will – during the birth – show them “how to give birth”. This then puts us in a victim position right from start, and we feel that we – and the life of our child – relies completely on other people. This is also the picture that is painted in mainstream media: the screaming woman, laying on her back on a hospital bed in a bright, sterile room, while doctors and midwifes are hectically are doing all kinds of interventions in order to help this little human out of her mother’s tummy and rescue it from death. But what if there is a whole other side to it? What, if birth can look totally different? What, if you knew that you can choose the place of your birth (your home, a birth center, nature,…), the people who are with you during birth (their skin colour, energy, mindset, relationship to you, experience, wisdom,…), if people would leave your body in the deep trust that your body has all the knowledge it needs about how to birth a baby, and asked you for consent before starting any interventions (or maybe don’t suggest any interventions at all)? What, if you could be in the most intimate atmosphere during this most intimite and vulurable moment of your life? What, if you know that all medical inventions are infering with your body’s own processes, and that many of them can easily be substituted by reducing stress for the birthing woman, by stimulating the body or other natural ways? What, if you knew that many women are traumatized for life through great stress, rough interventions, racistic discrimination and other forms of violence and abuse during birth – and how you can avoid this? What, if you know that the support of a doula can greatly reduces any birth complications? 

There is so much to discover about birth. Knowledge will most likely drastically change the experience of your birth. Or/and the time after. How you can go on, heal and support your child’s healing journey – since your child has been a part of the birth, just as you yourself. 

Let’s start by sharing knowledge, support each other and create action, so that we can use these times of change to create a place where we, our children, and all living beings can thrive. If you feel called and if you are looking for a space of support, please feel warm welcome to join our little village, for example through the UMOJA circles.

If you would love to dive deep into the topic of freebirths or even prepare for your own birth, I warmly recommend the Complete Guide to Freebirth from beautiful Radical Birthkeeper School (this is an affiliate link, so I get a little commission if you choose to purchase this course).