If you are not pregnant, don’t wish to become pregnant, are not of childbearing age or maybe don’t even carry a womb in your body: this topic is still of major importance to you. How I can know that without knowing you? Because one thing is certain if you are a human: you have been in a womb and you were born. And both of these events do have a profound impact on us humans – which, I believe, most of us are not aware of. Neither as pregnant parents nor as (grown up) children.

I would like to invite you to watch this TED-talk by the brilliant Anna Verwaal, who is, amongst others, a nurse, midwife, doula and birth photographer. Anna has worked in a large number of different and very diverse countries all over the world, and who is today sharing her observations, knowledge, experience and research, as well as offering consultations for people with all kind of birth related challenges (incl. our own birth, fertilty challenges, miscarriages etc.). 

Before starting the video, please remember to meet yourself and others with compassion. Every person is doing their (!) best at any given moment, regarding their current knowledge and access to resources. Pregnancy often is assumed to be a walk on roses, always beautiful and fantastic. But many times, this time involves loneliness, sickness, pain, fear, stress and worries. Some pregnant women are experiencing abuse, war, homelessness, separation or any other experience which already is traumatic in itself. So embrace yourself (if you are or have been carrying a human in your womb) or/and that person who once carried you in their womb, and invite self-love, grief and forgiveness. 

If you just watched Anna’s talk, take a few deep breaths and gently support yourself in whatever comes up.  

So if you are pregnant, this is a time to turn inwards. To listen to your body and your inner voice. To slow down, and to invite rest into your life. To practise self-care and self-love. To connect and to re-village your life as much as possible. 

If you, as so many of us, are longing for togetherness and support during this time, you are so welcome to join our UMOJA circles, a private session or/and to arrange a Mother Blessing Ceremony. Welcome to read more here!

I feel deeply grateful for this inspiration and would love to honour and support this work through a donation! 

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Thank you so much!!