It takes a village

Current offerings:

Let’s re-village life! – Find, grow, and create communities around the world

♥️ ROOTED & FREE – a beautiful, nourishing journey for conscious mamas who long for deep togetherness and support

♥️ 1:1 mentoring (in English, Swedish, German or Danish) 

♥️ UMOJA tea time – free events for inspiration and connection

♥️ Unschoolers’ Island Bornholm – A package loaded with information for families who are thinking of moving to the gorgeous Danish island to join the other ca. 100 families living without school

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Let's re-village life!

Find, create, and grow community!  

It DOES take a village. 

Make it easy to find your people and your place!

Welcome to “Let’s re-village life!” – a unique online event where conscious, heart-centered community seekers and conscious, heart-centered community creators from all around the world.


An program for conscious mamas who want to create a life that is aligned with their values, needs and visions. For YOU who is dedicated to become a lighthouse for your child(ren), to embody what you are longing for for your children to be, become and experience. 

An exciting, expansive journey that includes togetherness in a safe space with other beautiful like-hearted mamas who are on a similar journey like you. With mentoring by me (Rebecca) who is an experienced mentor for parents and women who are longing to heal and expand – for themselves and for their children.

1:1 Mentoring

Compassionate support and a safe space for courageous people who know that they are SO worthy of support, and that support collapses timelines and brings ease, healing and growth

Sometimes, parenting – and life – can be SO challenging. And overwhelming. And intense. And lonely. There are times when we are so much longing for a compassionate listener, an open heart, someone to give us feedback, ideas or to brainstorm with when we feel stuck or lost, someone to witness our grief and to share our joy with. This is what the 1:1 mentoring is offering, in particular related to the topics mentioned below.

I speak English, Swedish and German fluently (plus a very Swedish version of Danish).

Please remember that always, you are the one who knows yourself and your life best. Nobody will or can ever solve any problems for you, and only you can do your own healing work. ♥️ BUT: we can ask for support on the way. We can ask for a lighthouse or a compass, for inspiration and insights, for a safe space to BE. And this is what my whole-hearted offering is to you. 

My 1:1 mentoring is for you who wants support around…

* creating a life that is more aligned with your values, priorities, needs and visions 
* living with more sovereignty, freedom and authenticity 
* natural/physiological birth, homebirth, unassisted birth 
* postpartum time
* being a new mama
* (peaceful) parenting
* single mamahood
* life-learning/unschooling
* unschooling/homeschooling in Denmark (in particular on Bornholm) and on Åland
* living in Sweden (as an alternative mum, practising peaceful parenting)
* travelling as a family
* finding or creating community
* workaway for families (as hosts and travellers)
* holistic health, healing and lifestyle

How it works

We work together over a period of two months, starting off with a session for introduction, visioning and intentions/goals. Each month, we have two sessions via video or phone call. In between, you get to be in touch with me through voice/text messages on Telegram, so we can connect directly when thoughts or situations come up for you. 

Your investment: 1222€ 

In case you want to book a mentoring package over a longer period of time, please send me a request per e-mail to

All sessions last for about 60 minutes that will be dedicated to you, your challenges, questions, joys, grief or whatever else you would like to share, be witnessed in, or receive guidance and support around. If relevant, I will provide you with links, contacts etc. in an e-mail after our conversation.


Please request your 1:1 mentoring by e-mail ( or dm on FB or IG. If I should feel that I am not the right support for you, I will let you know (and send a recommendation to someone else, in case I have any suggestions).

I am looking forward to hearing from you! ♥️

This is a gentle reminder that I am not a medical, financial or legal expert, and all information and thoughts that are shared by me, both on the website, in person, via newsletters or any form of online or offline communication are to my best knowledge and solely meant to be a source of inspiration. Your choices still remain YOUR choices, always, and they are YOUR respons-ability. If unsure, I suggest that you connect with the wisdom of your soul and body, with the Source, other resources or/and a professional that you trust for guidance and advice.

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Unschoolers' Island Bornholm

Your children deserve to live in freedom and close to welcoming, like-hearted families - and so do you!

in the past years, the beautiful Danish island Bornholm has magnetised ca. 100 families who are living without school and who have found a home there. Together, they created a wonderful, vibrant international network of like-hearted families. If you are thinking of joining them but are overwhelmed by the questions you have, this is for you. 

Save yourself dozens of hours of research and get everything wrapped up in a 1 1/2 hours video plus an extensive list packed with helpful links and contact details.

For more information and registration,…