Wonderful Re-Sources

Reading, listening to, observing and talking to various people is such a great way of finding YOUR truth, of creating your life and of consciously choosing what thoughts, ideas and energies you want to fill your mind, heart and body. I often find books, articles, videos, audios and live meetings to have such a big impact on my life – they almost become like co-creators of my life. So I want to choose them wisely – and I invite you to do the same: feel what feels true, good and helpful to YOU. ♥️

Here I share some of the many sources that bring much light, inspiration, joy, health and abundance to me. Please note that I am in no way financially connected to the persons who are behind these creations, other than that I paid for the books or courses that are mentioned. You can also visit this page for further recommendations.

Ignite the Light – A wonderful, light-filled book written by Vicki Savini for parents, teachers and other people who live with or serve children – and really, for everyone. Because we all do so much better once we shine our unique, beautiful light (and we ALL have one!), and almost all of us feel a great need of healing and work in order to discover it AND to dare to shine it. Highly inspiring and filled with practical ideas for direct real-life translation of the many great thoughts.  

You Can Heal Your Life – Written by Louise Hay, who has been teaching about mind-body connections decades before this became more mainstream (the book also includes Heal Your Body, which serves as a glossary for body-mind connections and recommended affirmations, which often is such an eye opener in the moments when we are not able to understand our body’s language), and also her online course “Loving Yourself“. This work has been opening new worlds to me, realising the power of our thoughts, how my body and life events are speaking to me, how I can let go of limiting believes and much more. 

The Encyclopedia of Ailments and Diseases – Another exciting and very extensive book, supporting embodied living by getting to understand the messages of our body. The author Jacques Martel has many years of experience and bases his writing on the body’s ability to heal, which brings so much hope. I love this as a guide for the many times when I am curious about my body’s way of “talking”. 

Teeth Don’t Lie – Oh, so much to learn! So much wisdom that is brought to us through our teeth (and not only but especially also through the wisdom teeth – which sadly enough are often removed!). The author Dorte Bredgaard, former dentist with 25 years of experience and today a specialist in dental health, shares her remarkable knowledge, observations and wisdom and invites us to look beyond symptoms – even when it comes to our teeth – and to get to know the language of our teeth. She explains that there is a reason why certain teeth are affected and not others, what “crooked” teeth are telling us, and that each symptom, from cavities to residing gums and even food getting stuck between our teeth are messages of our body.