Creating a free & abundant life

Since you are here (warm welcome!! ♥️ ), chances are high that you are a courageous soul that is longing to bring change, healing and expansion – to your life, your family, humanity and this planet. (I celebrate and appreciate you SO much!!)

As we are re-membering our own inherent value, envision a life that is more aligned with our (and our children’s) needs, values and priorities, as we are inviting more freedom into our lives, there is also more responsibility to be carried and totally new choices to be made.

For most of us, this is a path that is everything from scary over exciting to beautiful.

For sure, this path supports our growth, capacities and healing!

For many of us, it is a totally new experience to make decisions from our own authorities and create a life that is so very different from mainstream life.

Many times, we have no examples to follow and might even feel excluded from family circles or groups of friends.

And yet, you might feel so clearly that your inner voice, your innate compass, is guiding you clearly. That you cannot do anything else BUT to follow this path.

Find yourself like-hearted travel companions or way-showers!

During these times, it is so very helpful to surround yourself – physically or/and online – with people who get you, who are on a similar journey, a step ahead or those who are already living your dream life! With people who support you, who cheer you on and who celebrate you!

So you can feel the whispers and voices of your “team” who believes in you (even when you don’t), you have examples to follow and you can lift each other up. 

And: choose intentionally which voices, pictures and energies you invite into your heart, mind, body and environment!

What people are you around, whose podcasts are you listening to, who do you follow on social media (if you are there)? How do these people speak? How do they speak to and about you? What lives do they live? Do the lift up your energy, inspire you, ignite something in you, help you to raise your frequency, support you and your visions? Do they want the best for you (i.e. what YOU are longing for)?

Welcoming financial abundance

It has been a loooong process for me personally to find and choose this path.

Both because I believed that money is bad/negative, and also because I thought that people who choose a life outside of the mainstream rat race have to “pay” with financial struggle.

But is that true??

Of course not!!

I realised that many like-hearted people share a similar mindset. A lot of spiritual or “alternative” people say on the one hand that “you can create everything and deserve anything you want”, and on the other hand, they are in a constant financial struggle, contraction – and within the limited freedom that comes with the lack of financial resources!

“Money is abundance having a 3D experience”, as Kate Northrup says.

I came to understand that money is simply energy. Money can contribute to the most devastating and the most amazing things – it depends on the human who is stewarding the money and their intentions and values.

Money in itself is totally neutral, and it amplifies what its steward uses it for (i.e. puts their energy into)!

If you, just like me, have been struggling at times to pay for food and rent for your family, then you know that financial challenges can really drain your energy.

But even if you can cover your basic costs with ease, a lack of extra resources can be really limiting in so many ways. You might want to move to a place that you love, or travel, or receive healthcare or treatments, get some kind of coaching, purchase foods or products of higher quality, donate to fantastic projects and people in need, get help to start your own business, purchase a peace of land,…

And without money, all these things are challenging. 

I suddenly became aware of the fact that I am embodying scarcity! That I am creating so many limitations if I keep rejecting an abundant, life-exhaulting stream of money in and through my life. 


So I opened up for another perspective:

We can create and contribute to the most wonderful things on this planet with the money that we decide to steward, and it is able to amplify our values and gifts in so many ways!

In other words: the more money is in our hands and the hands of like-hearted people, the more energy/possibilities/resources we have to create and contribute to amazing things! 


Welcoming this thought and more ease, joy, love and knowledge around money has been SO enriching and expansive, so healing and eye-opening, so meaningful, challenging and beautiful.

I realised that I can be spiritual, kind-hearted, benevolent, an unschooling mum (and so many other things) AND have financial ease and abundance.

And this is just the beginning of a journey – I am sure about that! 

Are you on a similar path and are longing for support and togetherness? I love to share what I know and to learn with and from you!

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“I’m a natural hustler. I was raised in the belief that nothing comes easy.”

“(As a woman), I felt I had to choose between money and love.”

“I developed the mindset that making money and doing good could not coexist.”

“My parents did everything the hard way, and so I prided myself on having the same work ethic.”

“So many of us – women, especially particularly those in fields of service believe that we don’t deserve to charge a high amount for our services and that we should actually give our services away for free.”

Do you recognise these?

This year, I really started to heal my relationship with money.

And I found the most wonderful expanding beliefs in this guide – inspiring women who have walked the path before us and who share their most profound money break throughs. A quick but sooo inspiring read!

PS: If you, just like I used to, have initial thoughts like “this is not for me” or “rich people are not my people”, but you often find yourself complaining about how expensive things have become and how hard your financial situation is, I invite you to visit the link and to just be curious if there is anything for you to take away from this anyways! 😉😍 Feel free to share with me!

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