(Peaceful) Parenting

It takes a village

All humans are humans. All humans have (the same) human rights. That goes for people of all genders, skin colours, nationalities, financial situations etc. – and also for humans of all ages. It does not matter if you are one day old or one year, if you are 8 years old, 18, 38 or 80. However, in our society we have the tendency to treat young humans very differently. It is one thing that human babies are born very immature (in comparison to other mammals, for example) and that human babies/children are completely dependent on the help from their parents or other caregivers for the first many years of their lives. They depend on us for food, shelter, clothing, for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical safety, well-being and growth. And while this is indeed putting us into a position of great responsibility and also power, it does in no way come with the right to belittle, manipulate or hurt these young human beings. Not even if we “mean it in a good way”.

This is my great believe, and I have committed myself to standing up for the rights of young humans whose voices are so often not heard or neglected. And to be an adult who young human beings feel accepted by, and loved unconditionally. Why I do this? Because I believe that childhood lays the foundation for our sense of self-worthiness for the rest of our lives. Because I believe in the innate good of every child. And because I believe that we can only create peace on earth by having peaceful humans. Do I fail sometimes? Yes, for sure! It is a bumpy road of learning… If this is “the easy way”? No. Certainly not. It requires a great amount of work with ourselves. The will to take response-ability, the will to change our believes, the will to change our patterns and behavior – and with that, being very mindful about the power that was given to us over our children or/and the children we serve. So that both we AND our kids can shine our light and bring our unique, beautiful gifts into this world. 


Would you like to learn more about peaceful/gentle/respectful/relationship-based/need-based parenting (there are so many names for it…)? Then read on – more blog posts will follow. You can also find reading recommendations here. If you wish for personal support, you are welcome to book a private video (or phone) session with me here.

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