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New mum new parents

Being a new mum can be so much. It can be so wonderful, joyful and magical, and it can be extremely painful, exhausting, sad and lonely. It can also be all of it together. You might feel beyond happy and excited, holding this miraculous, complete being in your arms. You might be greatly challenged by your own or/and your child’s poor health. You might feel lost because you have no clue how to handle this little human being. The feeding might be difficult. Your relationship might have changed a lot (in different directions) with the recent changes. You might have multiples babies to take care of. You might be without a partner, you might be sleep deprived, desperate because your baby is crying a lot, you might be surrounded by unwanted visitors or you might long for people to support you and hold space for you, you might not have a safe home or a home at all. You might not even be able to hold your child in your loving arms at the moment, or/and your child might not even be alive anymore. This is BIG. All of it. And it is a LOT. And I wish that humanity starts remember the impact of transition into motherhood. The sacredness of it. The great vulnerability in it. The challenges that come with it. And the need of community that is supposed to be there for YOU. To hold and support you through all of it. To nourish, comfort, hold and celebrate you. So that you can recover, heal and thrive! Every mum deserves this! And while new  mums usually receive very special, deeply nourishing support by the community in the first weeks or moths postpartum in basically all traditional cultures, this has been completely forgotten in our “modern” Western society. 

We have so much forgotten the need of support and community that we often feel ashamed of asking for help, or we answer “no” when people offer us help, even though we so desperately long for help. Especially we as women and mums have the (very limiting) believes that we do not deserve any help, that we “should” be able to manage everything on our own, or that it is weak to ask for help. So I would like to invite all of us to let go of these believes and to invite support and community back into our lives. So that we do not only survive, but that we can thrive. Both because you SO much deserve to thrive. AND because this is the foundation for thriving and peaceful childhood, families and society! 

If you, too, are longing for this but don’t know where to start, please read here about possible ways. It is one of my great passions to create more and better care for postpartum mums, and I’d love to connect with you and see how I can support you.