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In the past years, the amount of families who want to raise their children without kindergarten and schools has increased drastically – and so has the longing for new homes for hundreds and thousands of families in Europe alone. New homes in places where, obviously, homeschooling is legal – AND where the environment is inviting and supportive for families who choose more freedom. Because most of us want to share life with others, and to have access to plenty of inspiration. 

The Danish island Bornholm has so much of this to offer: white sandy beaches, cliffs, forests, outdoor shelters with fire places, little cozy towns, many artists, permaculturists and other “alternative” people, various activities from sports over music to crafting and much more. No wonder it has become a new and dear home to many dozens of Danish and international families in the past five years or so. It is probably one of the most home-/unschooler dense places in entire Europe.

It is such a blessing and brings so much ease, inspiration and support for both children and parents to be part of a network with like-hearted families. Where you don’t have to explain or justify why your teenager has never been to school, why your toddler is still breastfeeding, why your family loves walking barefoot, why you decided to give birth at home, why your 10 year old is not forced to learn how to read, and where you can meet for adventures, play, theatre, Minecraft playing, music, campfires, mushroom picking, moon circles or whatever you desire with other families. 

If you are looking for a new home or have been thinking about Bornholm for a while already but want more information and support without investing hundreds of hours on research, then this video is for you! 

During the video, I will address all of  the most common questions about living and home-/unschooling on Bornholm (or in Denmark, for that matter – the rules for homeschooling are the same in the entire country). Also, you receive a extensive list with relevant links and contacts. 

WHAT? A almost 2-hour video packed with information about life on Bornholm and about homeschooling/unschooling possibilities in Denmark plus a list with helpful links and contacts. 

HOW? Make your payment through the link below, and you will receive the video and the document in your inbox. It should arrive pretty soon, but the latest 24-48 hours after (probably much earlier, but I need to do this manually at this stage, this is why it can take a little while). Please contact me on in case you have any questions. I am here to support you! ♥️ 

INVESTMENT? 44Euros only – honestly, I could have easily charged at least double or more. Families who purchased this were blown away, too, by the value they received.

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It takes a village
It takes a village
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It takes a village

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