Welcome to Rooted & Free!

Are you longing to live a life in a way that feels meaningful and nourishing to you

The way you spend your time, the way you spend your energy, the decisions you make, the people you spend your days with, the way you earn your money (and the way you spend your money), the environment you live in, the food you eat? 
So that it feels aligned with your inner compass and makes your heart sing?
So that your life turns into a living prayer?
While having other women in your life who are on a similar journey, who you can turn to for inspiration, guidance and support, who share your grief and who whole-heartedly celebrate you?
Then this is for you! ♥️

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Dear mama, dear mum-to-be, dear woman who feels like a mother at heart! ♥️ 

Is any of this familiar to you?

* Are you longing to spend most of your kids’ childhood together with them, because you know that this time is so precious and so essential in their lives (and in yours, too)?
* Are you dreaming of a life where you and your children are allowed to sleep in the mornings until you are well rested?
* Do you want to create a life where your needs are met and where you feel nourished, fulfilled and inspired, because you know that you can serve others best when you yourself are well and when your own cup is filled?
* Would you love for you and your kids to be free to run barefoot all day?  
* Do you want your children to be able to roam freely, to be able to be outdoors the entire day – any given day throughout the (school) year? For example when snow-covered hills are calling them, or yummie-licious blueberry forests, cuddly sheep, joyful streams, colourful wild flowers, soft moss, sun-kissed rocks, exciting waves of the sea, beautiful rain and plenty of puddles, climbing trees, fascinating snails, pine cones, or the first seeds sprouting in the garden?
* Is your vision a life where you and your children decide (and not any authority!) over the activities, environments, ways of learning, and the people that you want to bring into your life?
* Are you longing for dear friends who get you, who deeply resonate with your ways of mothering and living, and who are on a similar journey?
* Do you believe in holistic health care and freedom of choice?
* Would you like to raise your children as a peaceful, aware, and respectful parent and long for exchange and support on this path?
* Do you believe that humanity will only heal if we as individuals tend to our healing and nourishment and treat ourselves with so much love, gentleness and respect, AND through this also support and inspire others (including our children) to do the same?
* Do you long for a life where every day feels worth living, where you feel that every day moves you closer towards your dream life (instead of sacrificing your precious life time and life energy for the dreams of someone else)? 
* Are you longing for a life where your kids – no matter their age – can dive into endless play?
* Are you longing for a life where your children get to choose who they want to spend their time with – including children of different ages, (grand)parents, siblings, and also by themselves?
* Are you thinking about raising your children without school but don’t know how to create this life?
* Do you want to model a way of BEING for your children of feeling free, loved, joyful, radiant, meaningful, creative, courageous, confident, kind, connected, worthy, and whole?
* Maybe you are dreaming of living in a different place, close to like-hearted people?
Welcome to my world! ♥️
I would LOVE to support you on your journey to bring all of your desires into your life, too!
And this is why I created ROOTED & FREE.
ROOTED & FREE is a 12-week journey together with women like you. Women who care deeply about children and all other humans, and about our entire planet. Women who want to contribute to make this world a better place – and are willing to start with themselves. Women who live and mother from their hearts – or who greatly desire to do so.
Welcome to a beautiful community where you are held with so much kindness and compassion.
Welcome to a circle of women who are longing for – and contributing to – uplifting, supportive and inspiring togetherness, for loving sisterhood.
Welcome to a place where you receive guidance on your so profound and courageous journey as a mother and as a woman.
Welcome to a room where you finally can talk about all these things that weigh heavy on your chest (and also all the joys in life!!), and grow extraordinary friendships.
Welcome to a space where you are held and welcome as you are.

Welcome to ROOTED & FREE, beautiful sister! ♥️

This group is limited to 10 spots in order to guarantee an intimate setting with room for individual mentoring for every participant.

Doors will be closing on Thursday 11th of April at 20hrs CET, or earlier once all spots are taken. 

What does it feel like inside ROOTED & FREE?

Dear sister!

Do you recognise any of these? 👇 

* Do you feel that the way society wants you to raise your children doesn’t resonate with you? 

* Does it break your heart to hand your toddler over to strangers for so many hours every week (or for any time, for that matter)?

* Do you feel that the health of your child is suffering through being forced to be at school

* Does it feel wrong to you that someone else gets to decide what or when you or your children get to eat?
* Does it feel wrong to you that your child spends so much of their life in a place (- school -) where they need to ask for permission to go to the bathroom, to drink some water, to move their bodies, and to tend to other essential needs in life?
* Do you feel that constantly forcing children to certain behaviour (through threats, rewards, punishments etc.) – as it is common in most institutions – is not aligned with your vision of raising peaceful humans?
* Is the mainstream hamster wheel lifestyle – mainly living from weekend to weekend, from vacation to vacation – not what you would like to live?
* Do you feel tired of the non-stop stress in your days, starting with the alarm clock and a hectic breakfast, then rushing to kindergarten/school/work, then squeezing in some activities before returning home, just to have a tiny portion of the day left for dinner and family time – when everyone is exhausted and or explosive through all the accumulated stress – and then rushing to get to bed in time in order to be able to repeat the same thing again the next day?
* Do you feel critical towards some of the standard medical procedures?
* Do you feel pressured by others to ignore your inner compass, the way that your heart leads you in mothering and life?
 * Do you sometimes feel SO alone in thinking and feeling like this? Maybe you even feel scared and like an outsider because your family of origin, your friends, or other people around you do not agree with your views (yet, your heart is telling you that your ways are SO valid and right)?

Then you, beautiful sister, have come to the right place. ♥️ 

The right place for you to be reminded of that you don’t have to choose EITHER the path that your heart leads, OR the feeling of belonging and togetherness. It is just a matter of finding “your” people: then you can feel that you belong, AND you can live & mother in the way that your heart is leading – and doing so in an even more confident and courageous way, because you know that you have your sisters behind you.

Welcome to ROOTED & FREE!

So… WHAT exactly does ROOTED & FREE look like? 

🌿 A small group of max 6-10 women 

🌿 An exclusive Telegram group for communication, exchange and support amongst all ROOTED & FREE members.

🌿 A daily audio (Monday to Friday) from Rebecca to guide you on your journey for the first 8 weeks, afterwards ca. 3 weekly audios.

🌿 One weekly group mentorship call (through Zoom) with Rebecca where you can share your questions, experiences, celebrations and challenges and will receive guidance if you would like.

🌿 One weekly focus topic throughout the first seven weeks: 

* The rooted mama: values, needs & vision (week 1&2)

* Healing, nurtured & cared for: health & well-being

* Nourishing surroundings: environment & home

* Held & supported: the longing to belong and the strength of togetherness

The wise mother: knowing and intention

* Conscious, peaceful & free: parenting

* The resourced mum: money, time & energy

The following four weeks are:

* White space: reflections, integration, road maps, and additional topics.

The exact content will be tailored to the members of your individual group and your needs and wishes.

There is the possibility to upgrade your experience with additional private mentorshipReach out for me for more information! 

DATES: 13th of April to 6th of July 2024

Do you have any questions? Scroll down to the FAQs, or send me an e-mail to info@ittakesavillage.se.,

Your guide and mentor inside of ROOTED & FREE

Hi! My name is Rebecca, I am the woman behind It takes a village, and I am SO excited that you are here! 

Already many years before becoming a mother, I turned into a passionate community creator. Since living in multiple countries for many decades, I basically feel like a foreigner and outsider anywhere on the planet, and I noticed early that I was not the only one longing for togetherness – especially when you are different than the majority of people. 

When I then became a mum, I right away started this new chapter of my life with a bunch of “alien choices” such as birthing my children at home AND without any medical staff, co-sleeping with my children, carrying them in slings, not sending them to daycare, breastfeeding them for many years etc. So suddenly I was even more different than “just” being a foreigner. As you can imagine, more than ever before I felt the need for togetherness with other women who would not only accept me but deeply support and inspire me to follow my heart, even through the most challenging times. And I found them. Many of them over the years. And they turned into my “village”.

I get to be the mama of the most beautiful little adventurers who never have been to any institutions, who share my love for walking barefoot and for indulging in freshly picked berries, for the sea, campfires, baking, gardening, snuggles, amazing friendships across ages and cultures, and exploring different places on this planet. Together, we dream of building our own house with clay, and to grow a big fruit garden. 

I also adore islands, sheep, and I think I might be addicted to underwhelm. (I.e. places where I feel calm and spaciousness, where I can easily see the moon and the stars, places that grow wild flowers, and where I often hear nothing but the sound of birds, waves, or the wind.) 

During my years as a mother, I have had my fare share of challenges: from living in women’s shelters to recovering from people-pleasing/self-abondoning; from being a single mum and solo-provider to solving crazy situations while being in the middle of nowhere, off-grid, in the Caribbean rainforest; and many more. 

At the same time, I have also been blessed with an infinite abundance of goodness – most of this emerged as a result of my conscious and courageous life choices, and through the amazing humans I get to be close to in my life.

In the early months of becoming a mum, I realised that I wanted to teach my children a whole bunch of the most beautiful values. But that I was not living them myself! This was a wake-up call, and the start of a massive shift in my life. Because I knew that it is not my words that would mainly teach my children, but the way I modelled my values by living them. 

And the more I started following my inner compass, the more confident and courageous I felt to continue on this path.

  ROOTED & FREE is birthed from all these experiences: from feeling alone, from the calling to follow my own values – both in life and in mothering. And from understanding how much the gifts of my voice, my courage, my experiences, of creating community, and of holding space are contributing to bring healing, nourishment and togetherness into other people’s lives. 

ROOTED & FREE is a gift from my heart to yours, and after running the first round I am just sooooo touched by the extraordinary women who feel called join, and the infinite magic that unfolds within this space.

It would be an honour to welcome you inside. ♥️

Be one of the 10 women who get to join the next group of ROOTED & FREE!

Sign up for the waitlist to be the first one to know about when doors open again.


  • How much time does ROOTED & FREE require? I am worried that I might fall behind.

    The daily audios will add up to ca. 1 hour per week, and you can listen to them in your very own timing. The mentoring calls are once a week, and their duration is ca. 1 1/2 to 2 hours. And then your engagement in the Telegram group. All parts are totally voluntary.

    There is no such thing as being behind in ROOTED & FREE. And you are totally free to choose how much or how little time you dedicate to the program.

    And while I believe that in many cases you get the more out of it the more you dive in, I also know to be true that in some cases, you only need to take a few or maybe just one single thing from a whole course. And this very thing might still radically transform our life.

    So… trust that it will turn out just right! ♥️ 

  • I would love joining ROOTED & FREE, but I feel already overwhelmed in my life as it is. 

    Many times, the very reason why we feel we cannot participate in something is the very reason why it would benefit us so much to join. 

    For example, if you are overwhelmed, it might be SO helpful for you to have a safe space to reach out to for feedback or guidance. We also might lack clarity of our priorities (which is one thing we talk about a lot), or we have undigested experiences/emotions (which is why it is so important to have a safe space to receive help in digesting). When we are overwhelmed, we often don’t have the capacity to think creatively, or we don’t see any solutions because we are in the middle of all the noise. However, some other women in your circle might have the calm and distance to come with great ideas or feedback, offer to hold space for you, witness, encourage and celebrate you. And because we get to know each other more and more during this journey together, the individual guidance and support you receive will be SO powerful. 

    One of the main reasons of ROOTED & FREE is to help you create a life that is in alignment with your needs, and reducing the overwhelm and bringing more ease would be an amazing focus area for our journey together! ♥️

  • Will there be recordings of the mentoring calls? No. Since I want this space to feel as safe as possible, I want to honor the privacy of the participants by not putting any recordings out on the internet, not even with a private link. If you should miss a call, you can still easily stay in touch with the group, share, and ask for feedback through the Telegram channel. 
  • When will the calls take place? We will discuss a date and time once the group is finalised, so that we hopefully find a time that works for everybody (if not, we might split the group in two in order to accommodate this).
  • Do you have any further questions? Send me a dm on social media, or an e-mail to info@ittakesavillage.se. I am here to support you! 

What people say...

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Testimonial Review Village Community Support Homeschooling Unschooling
It takes a village

This is a gentle reminder that there are no outcome guarantees for the participants of this program. It is my commitment to guide and support you to my highest abilities within the frame of this program, but the results are highly dependent on your own commitment and situation. Also, I am not a medical, financial, nor legal expert, and all information and thoughts that are shared by me, both on the website, in person, via newsletters or any form of online or offline communication or mentoring are solely meant to be a source of inspiration. Your choices still remain YOUR choices, always, and they are YOUR respons-ability. If unsure, I suggest that you connect with the wisdom of your soul and body, with the Source or/and a professional that you trust for guidance and advice.

It takes a village

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