Registration for “Let’s re-village life” on the 18th of February 2023

Re-village life


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Here some background for the creation of this gathering. Probably more than ever in the history of humanity we have forgotten the art of living together. But more and more of us are longing for it – especially those of us who are longing for and wishing to co-create the new earth. An earth where bodily sovereignty, freedom of speech and freedom of movement are respected, where we are living in alignment with the energy of life, with the rhythms and the wisdom of nature (which includes us humans) and with the needs of all beings, and where support and cooperation removes the idea of competition. 

Stronger together!

I feel very strongly that this new time is calling for much more togetherness. So we can support each other, inspire, encourage, share laughter, tears, worries and visions, learn from and with each other, provide safety and the sense of belonging.

Our next online gathering will give you the unique chance to hear about various existing communities. And this is “communities” in a very broad sense. A community might be a local network with like-hearted humans created in any “ordinary” town or village, a community created around a center for self-directed learning,, an area where many unschooling families or “alternative” human beings are at home, a self-sufficiency project or a “Nourishing Neighbourhood” (welcome to read more here!) or other forms of local groups for togetherness and support. In many different places all around the world.

Are you or your family longing for a new home with more togetherness, as so many others these days? Or for supportive connections with like-minded humans in your area? You are not alone! Join our upcoming gathering for lots of inspiration – you might even find your future neighbours or friends!

For whom? Everyone who is looking for nurturing, uplifting community (of all sorts) that believes in sovereignty, freedom, true healing and holistic health, support and togetherness. Warm welcome!

When? On Saturday the 18th of February 2023 at 16.30hrs CET (Stockholm/Copenhagen/Berlin time). You can use any time zone converter (for example this one) to check your local time.

Investment? While this has earlier been announced as a paid event (it takes me dozens of hours, to put this event together, if not several hundred, plus there are financial investments for the various programs and platforms, and of course, just as for everybody else, a friendly smile will not pay my rent or the food for my children). However, I currently have a number of technical issues to figure out, so I decided to keep the event as planned and offer it for free instead. Wohoo! (And I would be super grateful if you would want to make a donation instead.)

Where & how? Online via the program Zoom (you will receive a link a few hours after signing up). 

Will there be a recording? Yes, absolutely. However, I highly recommend everyone to participate live. Both because it is a special energy and because it gives you the chance to get in contact with other participants via the chat, and communicate directly with community holders who will be sharing. There will be many wonderful humans to connect with! 

Will we receive any written overview, too? Yes, absolutely. Just as last year, you will receive access to an online brochure which provides you with an overview over all presented communities including their contact details. 

Please register straight away if you would like to join since spaces are limited, and make sure that you add “” to your contacts, or/and check your spam folder so that you will for sure receive both the reminders and all the information and links after the gathering. 


And you are welcome to explore…