Offerings for women & mums

It takes a village

Do you feel that your life is wearing you down and tearing on your health? 

This is not how life is meant to be! I want to support you in creating a life in integrity, peace, nourishment, joy, freedom and health, a life according to your values and where your needs are met, so that you (and we all together) can create thriving life for yourself, your family and all beings on this planet.

But isn’t it noble to always put myself last? 

No. Because a broken you does not help anybody. The healthier you are, the more nourished, the more radiant and the more your own cup is filled, the better you can be of service for others! You cannot pour out of an empty cup… 

If you feel that you are ready to break the dysfunctional cycle of women and mums wearing themselves down through exhaustion and stress, and instead want to co-create a world where we heal, grow, feel more and more free and whole and healthy WHILE being peaceful, amazing women and mums of service to humanity, then let’s work together! 

In all our events you are welcome amongst other perfectly imperfect women, who see, hear and support you ♥️

Read more below and book your spot today! 

More coming soon!

It takes a village