Register for the Q&A with Rebecca about Kate Northrup’s program “Relaxed Money”

Are you tired of a stressful, negative or struggle-infused relationship with money? 

I so much recognise myself in this. I had previously felt torn between learning about money with someone who has quite different values to mine OR to just keep on trying to ignore money for as much as possible.

However, money is part of almost all big life decisions, so the ignoring is not lasting far…

I ended up getting SO tired of the constant penny-stretching, of the amount of space that money (stress) used to take up in my life and of the impossibility to invite more financial ease into my life while also avoiding money at the same time. 

When I then, earlier this year, found out about Kate Northrup’s program “Relaxed Money”, it felt like a blessing from the sky.

I honestly cannot imagine anybody else teaching all the things around money in a way that is more aligned with my values and visions, and in a way that is understandable for me and SO very holistic – including the practical (3D) stuff, the spiritual/mindset/ethics (5D) stuff AND the nervous system, which is the essentially important bridge between the 3D and the 5D knowledge.

I have recently been sharing about Kate’s workshop FLOW (in case you missed it: it is SO much worth watching! It was such a rich, touching, beautiful and inspiring event, and you can still watch the replay by clicking here). 

And even though I myself felt an undeniable calling after Kate’s workshop in the spring and I signed up right away, I understand that this is different for everyone.

For those of you who feel called to learn more about money or/and heal your relationship with money and are wondering if Relaxed Money and Kate Northrup are the right place for you, I decided to open the space for a Q&A with me.

I have been taking the program since May and will happily answer any questions that you may have in regards to Relaxed Money. So that you can be relaxed in making your decision.

We will meet on Thursday the 26th of October 2023 at 10am CET. This leaves you with plenty of time to sign up while you can still save 500USD.

Our Q&A call will take ca. 40 min, depending on the amount of questions.

Please sign up in the form below to receive the Zoom-link. 

And last but not least: if you should decide to sign up for Relaxed Money through my affiliate link (at no extra cost for you, of course), you will receive these two extra bonuses: 
* 4 accountability sessions with Rebecca and a small group of like-hearted Relaxed Money students (value 199Euro), which gives you an extra layer of personal support and
* 1 hour of mentoring via voice messages (Telegram/WhatsApp/Messenger) around a topic of your choice (value 149Euro). 

See you on Thursday!