UMOJA tea time registration “Re-village your life!”

Probably more than ever in the history of humanity we have forgotten the art of living together. But more and more of us are longing for it – especially those of us who are longing for and wishing to co-create the new world. A world where bodily sovereignty, freedom of speech and freedom of movement are respected, where we are living in alignment with the energy of life, with the rhythms and the wisdom of nature and with the needs of all beings, and where support and cooperation removes the need for competition. 

Stronger together!

I feel very strongly that this new time is calling for much more togetherness. So we can support each other, inspire, encourage, share laughter, tears, worries and visions, learn from and with each other, provide safety and the sense of belonging.

It takes a village

Our next UMOJA tea time will give you the unique chance to hear about various existing communities. And this is “communities” in a very broad sense. It might be based on a forest school or a learning center that the children visit, an area where many unschooling families or “alternative” human beings are at home, a self-sufficiency project or a “Nourishing Neighbourhood” (welcome to read more here!), worldwide.

Are you or your family longing for a new home with more togetherness, as so many others these days? You are not alone! Join our free event for lots of inspiration – you might even find your future neighbours or friends!

For whom? Everyone who is looking for nurturing, uplifting community that believes in sovereignty, freedom support and togetherness, in particular families who practice self-directed learning/unschooling/worldschooling. Warm welcome!

When? On Saturday the 12th of March 2022 at 16hrs CET.

Where & how? Online via the program Zoom (you will receive a link a few days prior to the event). Register yourself in the form below:


Do you live in an area with like-hearted humans and space for new neighbours? Are you involved in any community that is open to new members? Do you have a center for life learning, permaculture or the like that has room to grow more? Or any other form of community with like-hearted individuals? Then read more here

Are you currently not looking for a new home but for another kind of community or support? Warm welcome to find more offerings here