• It takes a village
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    Nourishing Neighbourhoods

    The short story. Let’s create nourishing neighbourhoods! A simple form of community or togetherness that is more flexible and requires much less effort than intentional communities. We can live in the same village/area (I personally prefer maximum 15 minutes walking or cycling distance) together with other like-minded people, and we can support each other, meet, call/text whenever we have the capacities and feel it comes with joy. This means that we don’t drain ourselves for the community but instead make sure that we are as nourished as possible. Which then makes us more healthy and gives us more energy to give to others. We are connected and helpful, and we…

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    You (and your baby) are the priority of your birth!

    …this sounds so obvious, right? And yet, so many women experience the total opposite.  So many women I know have had amazing, empowering, physiological births. AND so many women I know had traumatizing births. Hearing their stories, understanding their pain and wounds (that goes WAY beyond the physical realm and the moment of the actual birth) and knowing about the huge impact that the way we are born into this world has on a human being for the rest of their life, this makes me so very sad. And it inspires me so much to make a change for future mamas and their babies.  Today, having a physiological birth is…