UMOJA circles

Re-villaging womanhood & mamahood

It takes a village

UMOJA circles are…

♥️ for women of all ages, in particular mums and mums-to-be (also if this might still be a far away thought).
♥️ a space for us to learn about our bodies, our cycles, how we can care of our female landscape – before, during and after pregnancy, how we can care for each other, and about our needs as women.
♥️ about pregnancy, birth and postpartum given that these periods have a great impact on us – whether we are first time mums or have had our children many years ago, whether our children are not in this life with us anymore or if we “only” have experienced pregnancy and birth when we ourselves were a baby.
♥️ also focusing on (holistic) health and how we can take good care of ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. These include movement, connecting with the language that our bodies – and often the bodies of our children – are communicating with to us (such as tension, dis-ease, pain, discomfort – or the absense of these), mindset, setting boundaries, communication, community, self-love and self-care, rest, sleep and nutrition – since they all are big contributors to a thriving life.
♥️ connecting us with other women in different situations, with different experiences and knowledge, and/or in various stages of life of womanhood and mamahood (or maybe mamahood-to-be), we benefit greatly from our diversity.
♥️ for you if you want to actively and consciously create your life, if you want to learn, grow, heal and shine your light, and if you are willing to meet yourself and other women with acceptance, respect, gentleness and empathy.

Our UMOJA circles will always start with a few minutes of grounding in (in form of breathing, listening, music, gentle movement, singing or the like), a sharing circle, some movement, and conversations about the topic for the day.

Your facilitator

It takes a village

You will be guided by Rebecca who is passionate about supporting other women and mums to thrive, by inspiring them, holding space, respecting them and supporting them to find their own answers, ways and truths. Rebecca is a community builder by heart, and she believes that peaceful relationships to ourselves, our families and all beings are the essence to peaceful, joyful, abundant and thriving life on our planet. With her huge and diverse life and work experience from being a professional Pilates teacher, living in an abusive relationship, being a single mum, giving birth at home, being a mum to the most precious young human beings, living in various countries, co-creating different communities, counselling unschooling parents, supporting young women, and so much more, Rebecca recognizes and re-members many challenges, wonders, joys and learnings of womanhood and mamahood.

Practical information

At the moment, there are circles available in Swedish and English, and for the duration of the course we will have a closed group on MeWe (similar to Facebook, but uncensored, ad-free etc.) or Telegram where you can connect with your fellow sisters from your particular group in between our meetings.

You might want to find someone to take care of your little ones during circle time in order to make this to be a moment for yourself to connect with yourself and with other adults – if this is possible. However, babies and children are (of course!!) so welcome to be nursed, held, comforted and attended to during the course. ♥️

Every UMOJA circle gathering has a duration of ca. 90 minutes and takes place via the app Zoom (I will provide you with simple instructions, in case you are unfamiliar with the program), and there are currently four groups to choose from (see below). You sign up for the date/group that suits you best and we will then meet with your group for one circle per week over a period of six weeks.

All groups are limited to maximum 10 participants.

Dates and times

♥️ UMOJA circle ENGLISH: Monday mornings 9.30-11am (Copenhagen/Stockholm/Berlin time/CET). Sign up for the waiting list to join the next circle!

♥️ UMOJA circle SWEDISH/SVENSKA: Tisdagar kl. 15.30-17.00 (Copenhagen/Stockholm/Berlin time/CET). Sign up for the waiting list to join the next circle!

♥️ NYHET! Re-villaging pregnancy and new mamahood. För dig som är gravid eller nybliven mamma och längtar efter stöd och community med likasinnade under denna tid av enormt stora förändringar. SWEDISH/SVENSKA: Lördagar kl 10-11.30 (Copenhagen/Stockholm/Berlin time/CET). Sign up for the waiting list to join the next circle!

♥️ NEW! Re-villaging pregnancy and new mamahood. To you who is longing for support and community with like-hearted mamas during this time of profound change. ENGLISH: Tuesday mornings, 9.30-11am (Copenhagen/Stockholm/Berlin time/CET). Sign up for the waiting list to join the next circle!

Your investment

89€ for participation in one UMOJA circle, i.e. one gathering per week over a course of six weeks.


Registration is open until all spaces are taken (first come, first serve), the latest until three days prior to the start of the respective circle. To register for the waiting list, please…

It takes a village
It takes a village

This is a gentle reminder that I am not a medical expert, and all information and thoughts that are shared by me, both on the website, in person, via newsletters or any form of online or offline communication are solely meant to be a source of inspiration. Your choices still remain YOUR choices, always, and they are YOUR respons-ability. If unsure, I suggest that you connect with the wisdom of your soul and body, with the Source or/and a health professional that you trust for guidance and advice.