UMOJA tea time registration

Re-Source yourself to create your dream life

Are you on your way to your dream life, but there are still parts that feel very unfree? Maybe you feel tied to a certain work location, tired of asking for permission to take off from work or to get a higher salary? Maybe being self-employed is still not giving you the desired income or enough  free time? Or maybe you feel stressed because inflation is moving at a fast pace while your salary is not rising and your savings are shrinking day by day? It all feels like a race – that you can never win… And yet, to create our dream lives and to bring true change in this world, most times it requires that we are well resourced.

It used to feel like a big puzzle to me, too. But I happened to manifest a powerful community of true change-makers into my life, which makes me SO excited. And I am even more excited that one of them has been offering to share some great insights with YOU, too. So if you are longing to crack the code to bringing more financial abundance into your life and to creating/expanding your self-directed life with more freedom, flexibility, health and ease, then I warmly invite you to join our free “UMOJA tea time” with our amazing guest speaker Simon Meteling.

Simon is a 28 year young free thinker and wonderful soul, and he will share his story and the path to his success. His mindset and tools. I can promise you lots of inspiration – and if you are ready to make changes to more abundance and freedom, you will get the chance to receive individual, practical support on your path. Be prepared to learn things that nobody has ever told you during all your  years at school, university and in your career. Be prepared for big possibilities 


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