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"Human Design - Discover your child's instruction manual"

Meet the wonderful Sophie Debus and explore how Human Design can support you in raising children consciously and according to their unique design so that they can flourish.

Are your sometimes puzzled because you simply don’t understand why some things work so well for one child but not for another? Maybe you can’t figure out why a child has difficulties to fall asleep or to concentrate, why he always wants to eat in such a particular way or why she always makes a big mess while trying to figure out something new? Maybe you are already so conscious or deschooled in the way you meet young humans, and still you feel stressed or confused? Then Human Design might hold an amazing key to bringing more understanding, guidance and calm.

Learning about Human Design and how this explains the individual child’s needs and nature. In which way they make decisions, which role they are designed to play in a community, how they communicate, which environment is beneficial for them, how they digest optimally and so much more. By understanding this – as well as our own Human Design AND our conditioning – we can support the children who we are raising in a much more beneficial way. So that they can grow up with much less conditioning and much more true to their own nature. 

Sophie Debus has been working with human Design for a long time, and she is particularly dedicated to supporting adults who want to raise children in a conscious way which is aligned with their innate, individual design – rather than conform to our own needs or to society’s conditioning. Sophie offers wonderful, compassionate and wise support, and she has the great gift of breaking down the complex structures of Human Design and explaining them in a way that is easily applied. 

You are super curious and want to know more instantly? Learn more about Sophie and connect with her: Sophie’s websiteSophie on Facebook and Sophie on Instagram. She is a well of knowledge and inspiration!

Day and time: Saturday the 17th of June 2023 at 15hrs CET

Practical information: The event is free and online, via the program Zoom. The link will be coming to you by e-mail a few days prior to the event from Make sure to add this address to your safe contacts in order to make sure that the e-mail will arrive in your inbox (and also check your spam folder). Mark the date in your calendar and sign up by filling in this form: