Welcome to “In The Dark”!

What an honour that I get to walk with you during the last weeks before the solstice! May this be a journey filled with insights and warmth, healing and growth. 

This is a totally new project for me which evolved from my own life journey, and also from the understanding that many people experience my voice as so comforting, calming and beautiful – something that I was not aware of before. Today, I understand that it is a unique gift, and it is here to be shared. And then, somehow, this Solstice Calendar wanted to be born. 

I feel soooo excited to go onto this journey together with you. To make space for and gently hold the grief, the discomfort and the not-knowing that often are present in the dark – and to explore the whispers, the wisdom and the miracles of the dark!

With so much love,


PS: I am doing my very best – however, technical stuff is *not* within my zone of genius. So in case there is anything during the registration process that is a tiny bit bumpy, I trust that you are accepting me in this imperfection. Please feel free to message or e-mail me if there is anything that is not understandable or not working, and you can know that I am here to find solutions. Thank you so much!

What happens next? 

You should be added to the Telegram group the latest within 24hours. (If this doesn’t happen, please message or e-mail me! info@ittakesavillage.se)

As from the 1st of December until the 22nd of December, you will receive one audio message per day. 

I will also be sending e-mails to you with updated information, so make sure to add info@ittakesavillage to the list of your safe contacts (and check your promotional/spam folder in case my messages should accidentally end up there). 

In the meantime, let’s connect on social media. And please share this Solstice Calendar with your friends – your support means the world!