Registration for ROOTED & FREE

Right now, we are in the middle of a (gorgeous) round of ROOTED & FREE - however, you can put your name onto the waitlist below and you will be notified as soon as doors open for the next round. 
I'd LOVE to welcome you inside!

This is a gentle reminder that there are no outcome guarantees for the participants of this program. It is my commitment to guide and support you to my highest abilities within the frame of this program, but the results are highly dependent on your own commitment and situation. Also,  I am not a medical expert, and all information and thoughts that are shared by me, both on the website, in person, via newsletters or any form of online or offline communication or mentoring are solely meant to be a source of inspiration. Your choices still remain YOUR choices, always, and they are YOUR respons-ability. If unsure, I suggest that you connect with the wisdom of your soul and body, with the Source or/and a health professional that you trust for guidance and advice.